Monkey Gorilla Slippers for Men and Women

Watch out for Lions !

Do you hear the roar from the king of Africa?

It is not the roar from the beast, my friend, but from bottom of our heart. In the bottom of our heart, there alwasy lives a lion. We all have a dream that someday we will roar like him, loudly and proudly, telling the world what you want and who you want to be.

Just come and get these cool lion slippers! Take them home and they are just your itimate friends.

Wearing these super adorable, warm and comfortable men animal slippers, we are just the king of our land.

Dont miss these cool lion slippers, especially if you are a fan of big cats!

Best slippers for winter

Vivid lion face

Every detail of this novelty slippers including eyes, noses, mouth and ears are specially designed to make them look like a real lion.

Imitation lion mane

These fuzzy slippers are made with high imitation lion mane which is thick, soft and warm to make them so attractive and comfortable to wear.

Non slip sole

The bottom of these winter slippers is made of soft cotton fabric with anti-slip dots and make your walk steadily on every floor surface.


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Material Soft fleece+long plush Soft fleece+plush Soft fleece Soft fleece Double color fleece
Color Brown Brown Brown+white Black+white Grey
Size Men size 8-11 Men size 8-11 / Women size 7-9 Men size 8-11 / Women size 7-9 Men size 8-11 / Women size 7-9 Men size 8-11 / Women size 7-9
Warmth Excellent A+++ Excellent A+++ Excellent A+++ Excellent A+++ Excellent A+++

Surprise for him!

Are you still considering what gift you should choose for him for the coming festival? Nothing can be better than these men’s home silppers!

When it is going to be his Birthday, Christmas, Farther’s day, Valentine or any other special days, get him these adorable lion slippers together with your love for him.

They will definitely be an big surprise to make him laugh and have a best memory for-ever!

–Now start choosing a best animal slippers for him!